Business Card Organizer & exchange app

Excellent Features To Increase Your Sales On The Go

Kinbow is not only a Business Card Organizer & exchange app but also supports your sales.

Exchange Business Cards Digitally

Leverage our inimitable features to stay more productive

Build Connections Anywhere, Anytime

With this, you can instantly scan all cards, save to your smartphone and keep your contact list updated always! Also, you can smoothly hand over your information to successors via e-business cards. Exchanging business cards have never been easier before.

Share Your Business card with NearBy Feature

Are you running short of business cards? No worries! NearBy Feature allows you
to barter e-business cards when meeting new people at meetings, events
or business workshops. A seamless way to start a conversation.

Create Vacation Card to make Deeper Connections

If you want to stay connected with your business contacts everywhere, creating vacation cards are an ideal solution. With this, you can connect with your business partners across the globe. Nothing is stronger than a face-to-face meeting to establish long-lasting relationships with new contacts.

Customize Your Group with A Unique ID

Creating exclusive identifiers helps you to stay planned. Using the business card organizer, you can club your contacts under unique IDs thus able to memorize instantly and easily. You need to buy Standard or Premium packages according to the requirements.

Easy Integration with Social Media

With smart collaboration with all the social media channels, the app facilitates you to share your contact with friends and colleagues. It allows you to share via Whatsapp, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Choose a smarter way to Introduce Yourself

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